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How to Choose a Hydrogen Water Bottle - Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

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According to the research, the therapeutic effect from both ionizers and hydrogen water generators is explained exclusively by hydrogen and nothing else

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It is necessary that the device saturates the water with pure hydrogen without impurities. This requirement alone suggests that ionizers are probably not the best choice, since they do not remove additional electrolysis products from the water, for example, chlorine, ...

What requirements must a hydrogen water generator satisfy?


First of all, safety is important, and for this you need to have:

  • proton exchange membrane
  • platinum coated electrodes
  • Saturation of water only with pure hydrogen. This does not always happen even with devices that have a proton exchange membrane. The separation of molecular hydrogen and other electrolysis products - oxygen, ozone and, most importantly, toxic chlorine - and their removal to the outside must be ensured.
  • The glass material must be chemically neutral.

1.1. Proton exchange membrane

To work for a long time, the membrane must be of high quality. Otherwise. The hydrogen concentration drops sharply after a couple of months. Impurities may appear.

High Qualiyty Membrane Low Quality Membrane. A blue coating is visible.

1.2 Electrodes coated with platinum. 

The electrodes must be reliably coated with platinum. This will prevent the release of metal ions into the water during operation of the device. Electrodes made of nickel, copper-nickel alloy, etc. unacceptable. Cheaper devices (less than $100 as of fall 2023) use such electrodes. Drinking water from such devices means risking your health.

Comparison of electrodes
paino electrod imit anod
High qualiyty Electrode Imitation Electrode

1.3 Saturation of water only and exclusively pure hydrogen

The presence of a proton exchange membrane does not in itself guarantee the separation of hydrogen and the removal of other gases to the outside. There are many hydrogen water generators with a proton exchange membrane, where hydrogen, after generation, is mixed with oxygen and chlorine in one glass.

Why are such hydrogen water generators produced? The reason, in our opinion, is the following. Earlier models did not have proton exchange membranes (PEM). After demand for devices with membranes arose, manufacturers decided to insert them into existing models of hydrogen water generators without changing the overall design of the devices. Initially, water generators without a proton exchange membrane did not provide separation of electrolysis products. These are mostly low-cost Chinese or Taiwanese devices, but they are widely available in mature markets like Japan. From Japan they enter the world market and are sold as Japanese devices at a high price.

To check that the device has a proton exchange membrane and the water is saturated only with hydrogen, you need to perform generation with a saline solution in water. There should be no chlorine smell.

1.4 Safe cup material.

The glass must be made of durable and harmless material. Silicate glass is not always suitable - it can burst under increased pressure. This is especially important for high concentration devices. A glass made of phenol-free food grade plastic seems optimal.


Devices must be efficient. They must saturate the water with the maximum possible amount of hydrogen.

There is an International Hydrogen Standardization Association - https://www.intlhsa.org/. This is an international organization that determines the standards that medical hydrogen devices must meet.

According to this authoritative organization, water with a hydrogen concentration of more than 0.5 mg/l (0.5 ppm or 500 ppb) is considered hydrogen water.”

The higher the concentration of hydrogen in the water produced by the generator, and the more hydrogen the body receives, the stronger the therapeutic effect.

The main problem faced by hydrogen water generator manufacturers is the low solubility of hydrogen in water. At 25°C and normal pressure, the maximum solubility of hydrogen in water is 1.6 mg/L (1600 ppb). Standard hydrogen water generators can produce at best up to 1 mg/l of hydrogen in water. If you drink 1 liter of this water, your body will receive 1 mg of hydrogen. However, if the concentration is 2 ppb (mg/l), then 1 liter will contain 2 mg, and at a concentration of 3 ppb, 1 liter of water will deliver 3 mg of hydrogen, which, according to research, is sufficient for a therapeutic effect. Therefore, it is advisable to use high concentration hydrogen water generators.

It is not possible to make the concentration of hydrogen in water excessive. Hydrogen is slightly soluble in water and is quickly eliminated by respiration.

How do ultra-high concentration hydrogen water generators work?
The high concentration is due to the high pressure of the hydrogen and the fact that ultra-high concentration hydrogen water generators such as the H2 Nano produce very small bubbles - nanobubbles.

On March 3, 2023, a review article by American and Russian scientists on the therapeutic properties of hydrogen was published in the Swiss scientific journal “Antioxidants”: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3921/12/3/636

The article details the therapeutic effectiveness of microbubbles, which are used in ultra-high concentration hydrogen water generators.

“...specific delivery of hydrogen through microbubbles ensures maximum bioavailability and minimizes “transport losses” of the hydrogen molecule.”

Therefore, it is advisable to use hydrogen water generators with high concentrations and follow the recommendations to achieve optimal operation of the device, especially if someone cannot drink 2 liters of water per day, as is usually recommended for an adult.

To achieve high concentration, the volume of the water container should be small. It should contain as much water as you can drink at one time. Large container volume reduces hydrogen concentration. It is also recommended to drink hydrogen water immediately after production. This is due to the fact that in 50 minutes under normal conditions - room temperature (25 ° C) and normal pressure (1 atm = 760 mm Hg) the hydrogen concentration is halved.

3.Ease of use

The device should be convenient.
These are more subjective qualities, but they are still worth paying attention to.


The presence of a screen is useful, as it allows you to monitor the remaining battery charge, see which generation mode is turned on and how much time is left until the end of generation.

3.2. Durable device housing

Portable hydrogen generators are often carried with you to workouts, offices, walks, where the device can be dropped or hit... so it is important to pay attention to the impact resistance of the case. In our experience, the most durable aluminum casing is found on the H2 Nano Premium and H2 Nano mini. Paino devices also have a rugged design.

3.3 Capacious battery

The battery should be as capacious as possible

3.4.Replaceable battery

Your device's battery is designed to last a limited number of recharges, and not all devices can be replaced. The H2 Nano has a replaceable battery. Considering that the battery capacity decreases over time, it is convenient when it can be replaced.

3.5 Breathing cannula - optional for hydrogen water bottles.

A common option is to equip the generator with an inhalation cannula. Although we hear positive feedback from our clients about its effectiveness in, for example, asthma, we doubt its effectiveness. The hydrogen flow power provided by the hydrogen water generator is too low for breathing.


It is important that the device comes with a warranty.

5. Possible difficulties with choosing a device

On many marketplaces, such as Amazon, most hydrogen bottles do not meet minimum safety requirements

amazon all

We would not use all the devices in this frame.

If we turn to the segment of more expensive devices, then among those offered there are also devices that look like they have a proton exchange membraneamazon high price and are generally suitable for use.

Many of them give a hydrogen concentration in water of approximately 1.5-2 mg per liter (1500-2000 ppb). At the same time, some of them do not have a screen. In general, we offered devices of this type in 2019-2020.

Before choosing the bottles of hydrogen water generators currently offered, we ourselves tested several models for several months, including those available on market places like Amazon. The need to check the operation over several months is explained by the fact that it often happens that the concentration drops after 2-3 months of use, as stated in the description of the Paino device.

We invite you to take advantage of our experience. We carefully select the devices we sell, because we undertake to provide a guarantee.

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