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Which form of hydrogen is being referred to?

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  • Date: 2023-11-30

The confusion between different forms of hydrogen - atomic, molecular, and hydrogen ions - is a common issue in videos and texts about hydrogen water. When discussing hydrogen water generators, there's often mention of hydrogen ions, such as hydrogen anions or cations. Additionally, there are references to hydronium ions.

Let's clarify the structure of the hydrogen atom:

The hydrogen atom download

is the most common atom in the universe and is very simple in its composition, consisting only of one proton and one electron.


 The hydrogen molecule, denoted as H2 h2 molecule


 is formed from two hydrogen atoms. Each hydrogen atom, as previously mentioned, comprises one proton and one electron. In a hydrogen molecule, these two atoms join together through a covalent bond, where they share their electrons.

Ions, Anions, Cations ion sm

Ions are particles that have a charge. For example, if an electron is removed from a hydrogen atom, it results in a positively charged hydrogen cation (H+). Conversely, if an additional electron is added to a hydrogen atom, it becomes a negatively charged hydrogen anion (H-)


The positive hydrogen ion is H+ (a cation, meaning it moves towards the cathode, the negative electrode), which is essentially a hydrogen atom without its electron, effectively a single proton.

Hydronium Ions  

Sometimes in videos about hydrogen water generators, you can hear about hydronium ions. What is a hydronium ion? In water, positively charged hydrogen ions (H+) "attach" to water molecules (H2O), resulting in such a structure.

This is the hydronium ion. 

If there are many positively charged hydrogen ions (H+) in the environment, it creates an acidic environment with a pH less than 6, for example, 2 or 3.

Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen

When discussing the benefits of hydrogen, it refers to the benefits of molecular hydrogen either as a gas dissolved in water or as the gas itself - not any form of hydrogen ions.

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