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Paino Portable HM-2000, Hydrogen water bottle with a bottle adapter, Korea

Type portable hydrogen water bottle
Hydrogenation of water up to 2 mg/l (2000 ppb)
Weight 274 g
Size size of the box - 19.5 x 25.5 x 8 cm
Electrodes titanium electrodes with 0.5 μm to 0.7 μm platinum coating
Operating mode 5 min/10 min
Country of origin Korea
Warranty 1 year
Manufacturer Paino Technology
299 EUR
Price: 249 EUR
2 pcs. - 2 pcs. 242 EUR / pcs.
3 pcs. - 3 pcs. 237 EUR / pcs.
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Electrode-Membrane Assembly Development

Based on their own developments, specialists at Paino Technology have developed an electrode-membrane assembly (cell) (MEA), used for drinking water.

Platinum Implantation Process

In this electrode-membrane cell, the process of platinum (catalyst) implantation and reduction occurs within the membrane itself, a few microns away from its surface. 

Platinum is absorbed inside SPE 

 This results in a characteristic uneven coloration of the membrane, which is normal and a feature of the technology.

Paino membrabe


Advantages of the MEA Membrane

The advantages of the MEA membrane include high mechanical strength and the absence of a binding material during the application of the platinum coating - no carbon carrier is used, and no reagents other than platinum are used.

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All this makes PAINO a safer and more efficient device compared to its counterparts.


Features of the Paino Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

  • Hydrogen concentration: 1.1-1.3 ppm, 1100-1300 ppb (mg/l) in a five-minute mode
  • Achievable concentration of 2 mg/l (2000 ppb) with two consecutive five-minute cycles, following recommendations.
  • Weight: 274 g
  • Size: 10.3 x 7.2 cm (box size - 19.5 x 25.5 x 8 cm)
  • Medical-grade titanium electrodes with platinum coating
  • Platinum coating thickness: 0.5 μm to 0.7 μm, applied electrolytically
  • Two operating modes for the PAINO Portable: 3 and 5 minutes
  • PAINO Portable features a base with an electrical part - hydrogen generator with PEM/SPE membrane
  • Membrane manufactured by DuPont, USA
  • Paino Portable includes special attachments for bottles with different neck diameters, allowing use with standard mineral water bottles
  • Paino Portable base charges via an adapter, with a charge lasting approximately twenty cycles
  • Key feature: Use of special composite electrodes made of titanium with platinum coating
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Made in South Korea


Performance and Reliability

Paino Technology company investigated the portable Paino device and a similar device with a membrane assembly after long-term use.

Changes in the efficiency of the analogous device over time

In the analogous device, the efficiency sharply declines after approximately 100 cycles of operation.

The Paino device maintains a consistently high level of hydrogen. Over 5000 cycles of operation were conducted to confirm its reliability

Changes in the efficiency of Paino Portable over time
Paino Portable



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Thank you for the prompt delivery and consultations via WhatsApp. The device pleasantly surprised me - very sturdy casing.
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