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H2 Nano Blue, ultra-high concentration hydrogen water bottle

Type portable hydrogen water bottle
Hydrogenation of water up to 5000 ppb
Weight 340 g
Size D 6 sm, H 19.8 sm
Electrodes Titanium electrodes with multi-layered platinum coating.
Operating mode 5 min/10 min
Country of origin China
Warranty 1 year
262 EUR
Price: 189 EUR
from 2 pcs. 184 EUR / pcs.
from 3 pcs. 179 EUR / pcs.
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Hydrogen concentration in the H2 Nano hydrogen water bottle

In 2022, the first hydrogen water bottle in the world was introduced, capable of producing a hydrogen concentration of more than 5 mg/L. (5000 ppb).

Why is a high hydrogen concentration in water important?

The same year, it became available for sale in our region. We import them directly, which allows us to maintain moderate prices.

Currently, it is the only generator in the world that consistently delivers such a high concentration. It is made by only one manufacturer in China.

Neither Korean, Japanese, other Chinese, nor European devices achieve similar results, or they are the same device with modifications. If you find a better or equivalent device, please let us know.


Independent Testing and Certification

Independent testing by H2 Analytics (USA) using gas chromatography - the most accurate method of analysis recommended by the International Hydrogen Standards Association - showed 5.14 mg/L (5140 ppb) at a 10-minute operating mode, as confirmed by an official document that we can provide upon request.

 Colleagues from the USA chose him. https://hydrogen4health.com/h2-nanov3-hydrogen-water-bottle/


Hydrogen Concentration Measurements

We don't have the capability to perform gas chromatography analysis. Instead, we've assessed hydrogen concentration using the most appropriate method available to us - methylene blue drops with colloidal platinum.

Our measurements have shown that we don't always achieve 5 mg/L during a 10-minute cycle; results typically range from 3 to 5.3 mg/L.

Achieving 5 mg/L (5000 ppb) requires strict adherence to all recommendations; failure to do so will result in lower concentrations. 

This represents the highest hydrogen concentration achieved within a 10-minute operation among all devices we've tested. Other devices we've tested may yield comparable results for 1-2 months, after which the concentration drops to 1-1.7 mg/L.

Please inform us if you find a device with better performance in this regard.


Design Variants

These devices were presented in 2 designs:

Classic round

In terms of specifications, they are identical. We've chosen to promote the classic round design variant because its lid is easier to unscrew. 


Characteristics of the H2 Nano Hydrogen Water Bottle

  • Provides the highest hydrogen concentration on the market according to our data and that of our colleagues from the USA.
  • Utilizes PEM/SPE membrane Dupont N117 for complete separation of hydrogen from other gases, which are vented from the bottom.
  • Features a replaceable high-capacity battery.
  • Includes a display showing operating mode and remaining charge.
  • Equipped with a convenient touch control button.
  • Features a durable yet lightweight housing.
  • Comes with a cup included.
  • Utilizes titanium electrodes with a 6-layer platinum coating.
  • We offer a 1-year warranty, and spare batteries and sealing rings are available.
  • A titanium felt element and titanium mesh (both with platinum coating) have been incorporated into the generator's design. This enhancement ensures much more stable hydrogen production, and the generator will last much longer than market alternatives.


 TaylorLebaron in China
In November 2023, the factory where these generators are made was visited by Tyler W. LeBaron, MSc, Ph.D. - the founder and director of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute (USA). This choice speaks to the highest characteristics of these devices. Dealers, such as ourselves, were promptly notified.


 Scientific Endorsement

 On March 3, 2023, a review article on the therapeutic properties of hydrogen was published in the Swiss scientific journal Antioxidants

The article particularly highlights the therapeutic efficacy of microbubbles used in ultra-high concentration hydrogen water generators. “...Specific delivery of hydrogen via microbubbles ensures maximum bioavailability and minimizes 'transport losses' of the hydrogen molecule.

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